8 Advantages for businesses who Engage with Recruitment Companies

Need to hire talent for your business and unsure whether working with a Recruitment Company will benefit you? Here are 8 advantages of using a Recruitment Consultancy when you next need to hire:

Everyone understands that the initial purpose of a recruitment company is to find the right candidates for the right roles, so they can help job seekers find new employment, and help businesses fill their vacancies. But many people fail to realise all the benefits that come along with working with a Recruitment Company.

If you’re struggling to hire, a Recruitment Company can offer you plenty of benefits, all while helping you to fill the roles that are often so time-consuming for businesses to fill internally.

Here are 8 advantages of using a Recruitment Consultancy when you next need to hire:

1. Faster hiring

Using a recruitment consultancy will often shorten the recruitment process for you. We have big talent pools of engaged candidates on our CRM system, an extensive network of senior leadership and executive level professionals, and access to numerous job boards that are otherwise very costly for internal talent teams to have access to.

Not only that, but by taking your hiring needs into the hands of Recruitment Companies. You can save time as we can narrow relevant candidates down, providing you with an initial long-list, followed by a short-list for you to assess. All of this helps to shorten your hiring time!

2. Well prepped candidates

A good Recruitment Company will make sure candidates are as well prepared as they possibly can be. From explaining what to expect during interviews, to proving mock interviews, and pre-meeting-calls. We can ensure candidates know everything they need to know about the way your business operates, and how your interview processes work. This helps to avoid painful interviewing processes with ill-fit candidates.

3. Specialist recruitment knowledge

As your hiring needs increase alongside your business’s growth, your internal talent team may struggle with a large variety of roles across different departments. This is where working with Specialist Consultants comes in handy!

Our business has multiple divisions with Consultants that specialise across Finance, HR, Technology, Engineering, Procurement or Technical roles. Having consultants that specialise in an industry means they often have better knowledge of technical skills and roles.

We also have dedicated Consultants for our Senior and Executive level recruitment, who have years of experience recruiting for challenging executive appointments and working alongside businesses to help them grow.

4. Act as your critical friend!

We are here to be your critical friend and help you work out what’s required for your next phase in your company’s development! As a partner to your business, we care about your business and the people we place in it.

We are here to be with you every step of the way, from briefing call to post-placement check-ins. We complete a mid-journey review meeting where we present you with our potential short-list, allowing us to engage, reflect and adapt our process where necessary.

We don’t aim to be just any other Recruitment Company, we care about your business and the people we place in it.

5. Quality of our candidates

We ensure the quality of our candidates by extensively screening, creating an initial long-list, and then presenting you with a short-list so that we can ensure we are putting the most relevant people in front of you. Our candidates will be well equipped with extensive knowledge of your business in time for their interviews, which will help to fill your vacancies as quickly as possible.  

6. Focus on serving clients

In almost all instances, a Recruitment Consultant does most of their work before any payment. In order to make any money, a Consultant has to provide a business with appropriate candidates and support them through the process, all the way through to job offer and acceptance before getting paid.

Unlike Internal Talent teams who must be paid a salary regardless of their placement rates, a business typically only pays a Recruitment Company after a successful candidate has started at their new role.

At T2M, we support our candidates well past their start-date through providing post-placement check-ins to see how they’ve found their first few weeks, and happy-checks throughout the duration of the employment.

7. Extended reach

Not all candidates are actively looking for a job, and it’s not as simple as putting a job advert up and hoping for a good response rate. Attracting passive candidates who might be open to opportunities with your business, but are not necessarily actively looking for their next move is key. Recruitment Consultants have easier access to tap into these passive candidates that might be open to opportunities. These candidates are unlikely to search through job ads, but Recruitment Consultants know where to find these people and how to engage with them.

8. This is our expertise!

The whole point of our job is to match the right talent with the right businesses. This is the sole focus of our business, so you can be assured we are spending our time working hard to find the right people for you!

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