One size doesn’t fit all and we create a tailored approach to recruitment

Our aim is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. To do this, we work a little bit differently from the way you might expect.

These are some of the hallmarks of our service.

A consultative approach to recruitment

We love to engage with our clients and take the time to really get to know you and your business, as well as the roles you’re seeking to recruit. This is done through meeting with our clients face to face, experiencing first hand your offices and environment, and meeting with management teams to understand exactly what skills and personalities that you are looking for.

This groundwork helps us find the candidates who have the right skills and will be the right cultural fit – candidates who’ll thrive in your business and will help your organisation to grow.

A results-driven approach to recruitment

When you engage us to fill a role, we don’t stop until we’ve filled it. We go above and beyond, using tried-and-tested techniques as well as innovative approaches to compile a shortlist.

More than once we’ve been told a role needs a unique candidate. We’ve always found them.

An ethical approach to recruitment

We always work in a way that means we can sleep at night.

For example, we prioritise the consultative part of our role and provide expert insight and different points of view when required. When it comes to finding exceptional candidates, we proactively network, seek referrals and headhunt to compile a shortlist we’re proud to put forward.

Our honesty, integrity and hard work are why our clients see us as part of their team.

A value-added approach to recruitment

We extensively screen and interview candidates before shortlisting them so we know we aren’t wasting anyone’s time. We use a combination of telephone, video and in-person interviews which give us not just an overview of skills and experience, but also an in-depth insight Into personality, career aspirations and key strengths as a candidate.

We only send short, focused lists of candidates who would be a good fit for a role – quality not quantity. Prior to the interview stage we brief candidates thoroughly so they’re fully up-to-speed on what to expect during the interview. We provide candidates with the information they need and ensure they have a positive experience throughout.

We can also go further, providing services including software development, technical skills and psychometric testing.

It’s the way of working you’d expect from your trusted recruitment partner.

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