A partnered approach to HR and recruitment services

T2M Talent Management Solutions is an additional service offering from T2M that focusses on adding value to your business through a range of partnered solutions that help you create a workplace where people can thrive.

Exit interviews

When one of your team chooses to move on, we can organise exit interviews with third party experts. It gives you a more rounded picture of their reasons for leaving so you can continue to develop your employee experience. This can be pivotal in ensuring future staff retention as well as recruiting the right person to replace them.

Software and technical testing

There are many options available to assess specific software and technical skills. We will work with you to understand your specific testing / assessment needs and then identify the most appropriate and cost effective options available. We can also help you to develop your own specific test or ‘in-tray’ exercise to enable highly relevant assessment to the role you are recruiting. In addition we can administer Mental Agility Tests to assess a candidate’s ability to solve problems and think quickly.

Psychometric assessment

We conduct psychometric testing and have accredited assessors for McQuaig and Thomas International assessments. It’s an additional level of reassurance when you are seeking a particular set of strengths and provides an insight into candidates’ suitability. We can adapt the assessments to meet your specific requirements.

T2M can offer this service as part of a full recruitment package or as a separate service integrated into your own internal recruitment processes.

We have also conducted hybrid processes where we provide assessments to external and internal candidates within the same recruitment project.

Management and executive mentoring

Through our extensive network of senior leadership and executive level professionals we connect our contacts with mentoring partnerships for those looking to develop their career or their business. The advice and learning opportunities provide insight for members of senior leadership teams from outside their current businesses as well as creating fantastic contacts for the future.

Salary benchmarking

Whilst salary surveys can provide a general picture of salary and benefits ranges for certain types of role, T2M Resourcing take a more pro-active approach on behalf of clients who require more accurate benchmarking. Based on the specific role to be benchmarked we will undertake research based on similar roles that are / have been recruited locally and also candidate data from our own database and those on career sites – providing a more accurate and timely assessment of the market.

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