How to approach a Recruitment Company as a Job Seeker

Working with recruitment companies can offer you a variety of benefits as a job seeker. Specialist Consultants who know their industry and have good relationships with their clients and provide a huge benefit when you’re looking for your next role.

Here are our top tips to makes sure you maximise your experience when searching for your next role.

Reaching out to Recruiters

What’s the best way to reach out to a Recruitment Company?

There are many ways to reach out to Recruitment Companies, such as sending email enquiries, applying for jobs via job boards, messaging a Recruiter via LinkedIn, or by calling us.

At T2M you can try our contact form or apply for a specific vacancy if something has taken your interest.

Will it cost me to use a Recruitment Company?

Should I be expected to pay for using a Recruitment Company?

No, as a candidate you should never be expected to pay for using a Recruitment Company. If you find that you’re applying via an agency that is charging you as a job seeker, you should request for your details to be erased and resist applying via that particular agency.

Applying via Agencies

Is it better to apply for jobs through Recruiters?

You can really benefit by applying for jobs via a Recruitment company, as Recruitment Consultants often know their clients very well, so they can help you prepare for interviews and give you feedback that you wouldn’t get from HR if you were to apply directly.

Perfect your CV

Getting advice on your CV

A good Recruitment Consultancy will provide you with advice on your CV, from what to include, to how is best to format it.

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Working with Recruiters

Our top tips when working with recruiters

  • Research the right Recruitment Consultancy for you – different Recruitment Companies will hire within different sectors. Find companies that hire for roles relevant to your skills. At T2M Resourcing we recruit across Finance, HR, Technology, Engineering & Procurement.
  • Only apply for relevant jobs – don’t apply for anything and everything you can, serial appliers who apply for everything won’t stand out as much as people who only apply for roles that are relevant to them. Before applying, make sure you evaluate your skills, what you’re qualified for, what experience you have and what your career goals are.
  • If there aren’t any roles, be patient. At T2M we regularly get new roles in all the time, it’s worth checking back each week to see what new vacancies are available on our website – just because there wasn’t the right role for you last week, doesn’t mean there aren’t any this week.
  • Ask to be added to the companies CRM Database – this way they can create a profile for you and get in touch when relevant jobs suited to your skills appear.
  • Communicate meaningfully – don’t just attach your CV with a blank email and the subject saying ‘CV’. Write a few short lines by introducing yourself, state that you’re looking for your next career move, what role you’re currently working, and any industry preferences/ salary aspirations! It makes it much easier for a recruiter to receive your email and understand why you’re sending them your CV.
  • Read the job advert and follow the instructions – due to the nature of some roles, they might have a specific application process. If you’ve found a specific job that you’d like to apply for. Read the full advert to make sure you can do the role, and then follow the application instructions. Following instructions demonstrates your attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.
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