How to create a sustainable workplace

This World Environment Day, T2M are looking at what we can all do to create a sustainable working environment.

How to create a sustainable working environment

More and more businesses are committing to reducing their impact on the environment by creating environmentally conscious workplaces. This means having policies and programs in place that encourage green behaviours. While this isn’t always easy for everyone, there are still little things you can do that make a big difference!

This World Environment Day, T2M are looking at what we can all do to create a sustainable working environment.


Implement a recycling programme

One of the easiest ways to do your bit for the planet is making sure you recycle where possible. If you haven’t already, having separate boxes for general waste and recycling with clear signage regarding what should go in the recycling can put you well on your way to creating a greener office culture and working environment.

Energy saving practices

Turning off lights and switching off electronic equipment when not in use/ during off hours helps to conserve energy, as well as your electric bill! So encouraging everyone to turn the lights out when leaving the room can make a big difference!

We’ve recently made our own posters to go up, to signpost people to recycling and general waste bins, along with a friendly reminder to make sure lights are switched off when rooms are not in use!

Invest in office plants

Placing plants around the office can help to uplift your workplace atmosphere, reduce stress. Indoor greenery can boost oxygen levels and remove harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

Research from NASA has even shown that indoor plants can reduce 87% of indoor air pollutants in just 24 hours!

Partner with suppliers who are making sustainable choices

An easy way to be sustainable is to work with suppliers that have sustainability practices in place. Taking time to understand your suppliers business and find out what sustainable practices they have in place

At T2M, we have partnered with The Future Forest Company to create our Jobs for the Planet scheme. We have joined The Future Forest Company in supporting their mission to plant enough trees to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030. So far, we have planted over 200 trees to celebrate candidates we place, and the clients we work with!

Whether you’re a client or candidate, by working with us you are helping us to support reforestation projects across the UK. Find out more about our Jobs for the Planet Scheme here