How to Handle The Great Resignation

There has been a large rise in people choosing to leave their current workplace throughout the Covdi19 Pandemic, commonly being labelled as “The Great Resignation”.

How can you retain and attract the best talent during a time of mass resignation

Although there have been many changes to working practices, particularly around hybrid working, the pandemic has provided most people with a lot more thinking and self-reflection time than they had during pre-covid life. This has led people to think about what they really want out of both their personal and career life. Many people are questioning whether the company culture they currently work within is something they can continue to work in, whether they are paid fairly, respected, and valued, and whether they feel fulfilled or unfulfilled in their current role as well as the flexibility offered in their current workplace.

According to research from The Guardian, it is believed that almost a quarter of the UK workforce are planning to change employers over the coming months.

We are seeing a large positive effect on recruitment and retention within businesses that offer flexible working practices for their workforce.

There are certainly some instances where remote working can be a ‘win-win’ for the employer and employee including the ability to hire great talent where people need some flexibility, which can also enable employees to have a better work-life balance. However, it is important that the balance is right for both the company and their workforce. There are still many benefits for businesses and their workforces when it comes to working in an office environment such as social interaction and collaboration, building team and company culture as well as opportunities to learn by watching and listening in on colleagues in the office.

How T2M Resourcing can help
candidates and clients

At T2M Resourcing we support our candidates by working with clients who put people first. Our clients come from a broad spectrum of sectors that range from SMEs to PLCs and include owner-managed businesses and major international groups. Our client base is diverse but they share the same traits – They are passionate about creating great working environments and company culture for their employees. This means we can be confident that our candidates will thrive on a personal and professional level.

When engaging with our clients, we take the time to really get to know them and their business, as well as the roles they’re seeking to recruit. This groundwork helps us find the candidates who have the right skills and will be the right cultural fit – candidates who’ll thrive in your business and will help your organisation to grow.

From the most junior roles to the most senior ones, we partner with our clients to attract and recruit the best talent available. If you would like to get in touch, you can contact us today!