Is it worth using a Recruitment Agency when I need to hire?

The purpose of recruitment agencies and companies is to source and screen candidates on your behalf to make sure they are appropriate for vacancies at your business. Recruitment agencies then work with you and the candidates to schedule interviews at your business with the aim of you wanting to hire one.

How do recruitment agencies work?

When you need to hire new members of staff, whether you’re replacing someone who’s left your company or growing your team, working with a recruitment agency can help you speed up your hiring process, find better-suited candidates, and save you money.

Here are some rough steps as a guide to how Recruitment Agencies work with you when you need to hire:

Getting in touch: 



Have a job brief ready and any questions you might have:

  • Salary benchmarking – are you unsure of what you should be paying for the role you’re recruiting for and need some salary benchmarking activities done?
  • Job description writing – do you need help with understanding what the job description should be for the role?
  • Additional info about the job – do you have plans on how many interview stages there will be and what they will look like? Do you need the recruitment agency to provide you with some psychometric testing?
  • Keeping in touch – Discuss timeframes and ask how often the Consultant would like you to check in with them.


The Recruitment Process: 

  • Let the consultants list the job and do some searching using their network and various recruitment tools.
  • Provide feedback on initial long lists and shortlists.
  • Schedule interviews and interview candidates.
  • Provide feedback regardless of the result.
  • Communicate with the recruiter who you want to select.
  • Place your dream candidate!
  • Pay a commission to the recruitment consultant, but only if their candidate is hired for the role.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment company?

  • Speed up the hiring process – by working with a Recruitment Agency, you can speed up your hiring processes and free up your time for other important work tasks.
  • Access to highly skilled talent – by being able to tap into recruitment companies’ talent pools through their CRM database, as well as various job boards and recruitment tools. This makes it easier to tap into passive candidates who might not be actively applying for jobs, but might still be open to new opportunities.
  • Specialist industry & market knowledge – Working with Recruitment Consultants who specialise in certain industries provides you with up-to-date specialist industry knowledge.
  • Save money – You only pay a Recruitment Consultant a commission if their candidate is hired. This can save businesses a lot of money compared to paying a salary to internal Recruiters, who must be paid regardless of whether anyone gets hired through them or not.
  • Find out more  Advantages of using a Recruitment Company.

Is it worth using a recruitment agency?

If you want access to a wider talent pool, access to specialist industry knowledge, as well as the chance to save time and money during the recruitment process – then it is definitely worth engaging with a Recruitment Agency to see if they can help with your recruitment needs!

Whether it’s a permanent or interim requirement, if you’re looking to recruit across Finance, HR, IT, Technical and Engineering, or Procurement then contact us and experience the T2M approach for yourself!

Our team of recruitment professionals take a partnership approach to recruitment, recruiting from early careers through to Senior and Executive level appointments.  We take the time to get to know you, your business and the people in it.